Sunday, March 29, 2015

Astrological analysis of the presumed "secret base" in Mars.

Here the question is about presumed secret Base in Mars as shown by a NASA picture. There is a clear stricture in the chart since ascendant at 0 Libra is less than three degrees. This means that I’s too early for a positive answer and the presumed photo needs more research.

However, this horary astrological chart tells us a lot..! Let’s see. The querent (questioner) sign is Libra, ruled by Venus and this planet is at 15 Taurus O1 min. in the eighth house which rules Death, th house of science, long trips, the space. Mercury which is in detriment at Pisces confirms the fantasy of the secret base, and since Neptune, the planet of delusion is also in Pisces with Mercury, we must consider the possibility of a hoax. Saturn retrograde in the third house of rumors tells us that the process of communication of this “secret base” is unsound inaccurate and probably false.
losses and manipulations. Sometimes visions which will be confirmed by Mercury, ruler of the 9th house.
Moon that is always co-signifier in Horary is peregrine, weak in detriment in Leo and squares his co-signifier Venus denying a positive answer. Also Moon doesn't aspects Mercury ruler of the secret Base in Marts question, so again the answer is negative. Finally both principal signifiers Venus and Mercury are not in aspect, and this by itself confirms the negative answer.
The answer is clear: the presumed picture of the secret base in Mars is a hoax.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

President Obama comments about Extraterrestrial control

First of all the Horary astrologer must find if the Chart is radical it means ready for interpretation. There are strictures that in some way deny the reading and in this case we find that More than  27 degrees  appear on  the Ascendant.Therefore, it is too late to do anything  in this  matter. Things  are so  fardeveloped  that  the querent  cannot change  them or  the question  has becomeirrelevant. 
House 9 represents long trips, aliens and higher intelligence. We find Taurus in the 9 cusp and the Moon in nine, so Venus and Moon are both significators of the question and Mercury, ruler of Virgo in the Ascendant, represents the questioner. 
We find that Moon applies to a square with Mercury, which is a very difficult aspect and Mercury is in the 6 house of servitude and obedience. Venus, which rules the question, is in the negative 8 house, once called the house of death. 
However Venus is strong in Taurus and applies to a sextile with Neptune and a trine with Pluto, so we can see that unpredictable changes could eventually change the situation through the decisive action of powerful forces but Saturn in the third house of communication denies positive contacts in the present situation. 

So, we can say that  it is too late to do anything  in this  matter. Things  are so  far
developed  that  the we cannot change  them and perhaps  the question  has become
However we must consider the possibility of some powerful and positive cosmic intervention.(Venus trine Pluto.)  Honestly, if the President was joking what I can see here doesn't makes me smile.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Astrological analysis of Kenneth Arnold UFO sightings

Kenneth Arnold UFO sightings on June 24 1947 can be seen as the Natal Horoscope of the so called Flying Saucers.
On June 24 1947, Arnold saw some unidentified flying objects  seen nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Washington at 3 PM.   ( Long 121.40,  Lat. 46.44)
Let us analyze the astrological chart of this important ufological event. In classical Astrology, the ruler of the Chart, with rising sign in Scorpio is Mars, so the intentions of the flying saucers is not benign because Mars rules war, violence and invasion. Worst, Mars at 25,36' of Taurus conjuncts Algol the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens. By the way, is the star of "loosing our head". 
The lesser malefic Mars is in the cusp of the eight house of death. 
The red planet is opposite to Jupiter, (benefic) and in sextile with Mercury, the planet that rules communication. The sextile means that the opportunity of communication between the ufonauts exists, but with martian purposes which are not benefic. (Think in the abductions.)
Uranus also in the Eight House tells us that the motivations of the ufonauts are contradictory and dictated by the aliens interests.  Sun, Saturn and Pluto in the nine house confirm that these entities come from some distant planet or dimension, but Saturn is the big malefic. 
In the eleven hose of purpose and projects Neptune tells us that the ufonauts are not interested in friendly contacts but will keep their secrets.
But here we have something curious and promissory. In charts of wars and invasions, Jupiter in the first house implies that in the end we will win.  Also Saturn in the Nine and Mars between seven and eight show that the hostile plan of the aliens will fail. Moon's in Virgo, in the eleventh house, applies for a trine to Part of Fortune. This suggests we will find unknown but powerful  allies. 
Something else. The rising angle, cusp of the First House, is in the Via Combusta, and this means that events take a sudden, unpredictable turn. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Horary Astrology and the Breakaway

Mr.S. question is this one: Ufologist and Historian Richard Dolan suggests that there is something like a parallel civilization or breakaway society whose existence is secret. The members of this elite are, (with the help of the "others"?far more advances that us, which belong to the common, everyday world. Richard Dolan offers the following description of his hypothetic Breakaway Civilization

"What follows derives from a combination of logic and confidential conversations I have had in the course of my journeys into this field, as well as discussions with a few other researchers who are also uncovering the same general scenario. Quietly, we are doing what we can to help each other and learn more about all this.

I believe that members of the breakaway civilization are recruited from the militaries of several nations. It appears that the U.S. Navy is a key provider of personnel. But wherever they come from, they work under deep cover, below many layers of deniability. Those of them who have families give no hint to their spouses and children what they really do, which is to monitor and somehow deal with the presence of these other beings. Obviously, these people are lifers. Even after they retire, they are never truly out.

Their interests include not simply advanced propulsion and weaponry, although these are important. My best guess is that other areas include several that are off-limits to respectable science: psi enhancement, memory management, and space-time management. It seems to me that at least some people who are said to be “military abductees” have been taken and used in this manner – but clearly not by the standard military branches. No, this is an operation courtesy of our “breakaway” group, which works with military cover. Such actions are necessary from their point of view, as they know that these “others” operate in a way that can affect space-time reality. They might therefore decide that they need their own cadre to “see” and affect things across space and time.

The breakaway civilization is probably not unified. Certainly, rivalries and competition abound within the U.S. and global intelligence scene. It is probably no different here, and there is no reason to suppose that the original incarnation of “MJ-12” is the only game in town. Within the sprawling U.S. intelligence structure are many opportunities for rogue, or at least divergent, groups. I believe this applies to the breakaway civilization, and the logic is certainly there. The prize, after all, is substantial: knowledge of the most advanced technologies and scientific concepts imaginable. The same diversity, incidentally, seems to apply to the “others.” These beings may not all cooperate with each other, but whether or not there are active hostilities among them I have no idea.

My supposition is based on a combination of the known facts and the additional scraps that have reached me. If I am right, then a web of attitudes and alliances exists behind the scenes. In such a situation, having an accurate scorecard would be quite valuable. Still, I must emphasize I cannot prove this scenario at the present time. I consider it a working theory.

I should think that members of the breakaway civilization might despair of ever educating the rest of humanity on what is going on. Their own reality is probably so far beyond our own, they may rightfully ask, how can they bring us up to speed without causing a worldwide psychological meltdown?

The Astro Chart was drawn at 6.21 PM on November 14. The querent is aleays represented by the 1st astrological house and the quesited, that is the question to answer, belongs to the 12 House which rules matters that are hidden, restrained, secret, incapable of action or of being fully understood.

First House at 17 Degrees 37'' of  GEMINIS, has Mercury as ruler and as always the Moon in Horary Astrology. Now the 12 House cusp at 9 Degrees 36' of Taurus, So Venus and Moon ar rulers here.
However, Venus , combust by the Sun is weak and conjuncts the malefic Saturn while  Mercury is located in the Via Combusta, the very negative area between 15 degrees of Libra to 15 Escorpio, and this is a stricture against judgement because events can take a sudden unpredictable turn that contradicts the reading.

The Moon in Leo, applies to a square with Venus combust and ruler of the 12 house.
Since even the Ascendant is in a fateful degree, we must consider that the question cannot be answered by Yes or No. For the conscious astrologer, the sky is deniyng the answer in this case of the Breackaway Civilization.
Addenda: The climax of the Chart is not good, on the contrary there is something ominous here. The restriction of judgement if totally justified.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Presumed abductions of human beings by non human entities ?

Is it possible to put some light in what I define as the mystery of the abduction through Horary Astrology? I believe it is possible indeed if we follow the strict ancient rules dictated by thousands of years of experience.
Are the presumed abductions of human beings by non human entities real events? The chart calculated at 8,34 PM on January 18, 2014, shows no strictures for reading and it is performed in Saturn Day and Saturn hour.
Since Saturn, the big malefic, finds its “joy” in the malignant 12 house, the chart is radical.
The first house rules the querent, and its cusp, the Ascendant is found at 6 degrees and 1 minute of Virgo, whose ruling planet is Mercury, that becomes significator of the querent while Moon is co-significator.

Now we have to watch carefully the nine house which rules between many other things the extraterrestrials and the 12 house of prision, restriction, capture and of course abduction and places of confinement. Moon at  00 degrees of Virgo, conjuncts  the Ascendant and is in the last degrees of the 12 house whose cusp is in Leo, ruled by the Sun which is in Capricorn, the house of Saturn.
Mercury, significator of the querent is in Aquarius, also a sign ruled traditionally by Saturn. So we find that all the significant planets and houses of this horary chart are related to Saturn. This planet signifies abandoned and subterranean places, basements, caves, government buildings and deprivations, and his house of Joy is the 12, ruling the question about the abductions.
The Moon which applies to a trine with Saturn, of course, also conjuncts the fixed star Regulus which points to powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation (disinformation?), violence, trouble and sickness. She also trines the Sun, which is in a Saturn sign, Capricorn.
As a result of this, I should say massive elements of clarification, abductions are performed by humans, and the abductees are confined not in Extraterrestrial ships but in very terrestrial and even subterranean places and/or buildings. These are a secret, isolated operation whose purpose is to produce fear and copycat situations. In this sense the abductions are nothing but psychological manipulation.

President Eisenhower met with Extraterrestrials or with his dentist?

The 34th President of the United States had a meeting with  extraterrestrials at a remote air base in New Mexico in 1954, according to Timothy Good, and Ufologists included Dr. Michael Salla.
On the night and early hours of February 20-21, 1954, while on a ‘vacation’ to Palm Springs, California, President Dwight Eisenhower went missing and allegedly was taken to Edwards Air force base for a secret meeting.
When he showed up the next morning at a church service in Los Angeles, reporters were told that he had to have emergency dental treatment the previous evening and had visited a local dentist. The question gives the alternative. President Eisenhower met with Extraterrestrials of with his dentist?

 We will now learn many things from the Horary Chart.
The tenth house here becomes the 1st one, since the 10 rules Presidents. We can see that Leo, with Sun ruler, is in the ascendant conjunct with Moon.
Sun is in the third house in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is the signifier of dentists..!
In the same third house of communications and meetings we find Mercury which signifies also meetings but Mercury is in Aquarius, also ruled in classical astrology by Saturn.
There is however another planet that signifies dentists and it is Mars. In the Chart we can see that Mars is in Libra which is also the exaltation of Saturn. If we need more, we see that Saturn in the Ten Presidencial house is in Scorpio, sign ruled by Mars, and the red planet is mutual reception with Saturn The two signifiers of dentists are mutually reinforced by this reception.
Uranus which symbolizes the Aliens is in the 5 house of personal matters, gambling, speculation and publications. But there is more, because the Moon in Leo, applies to a sextil to Saturn. By the way Saturn conjuncts Unuk, a fixed star which symbolizes nurses and ailments.
As we can see, the horary chart clearly and obviously tells us that the President had a meeting with his dentist and not with the presumed extraterrestrials. Uranus tells us also that the story of the meeting with Aliens was a product of speculation, rumors( Mercury) and the imagination of journalists and ufologists.

Richard Dolan's breakaway civilization: fact or fiction?

The ufologist Richard Dolan wrote about what he calls a breakaway civilization. This clandestine but human organization provided with the benefits of advanced Extraterrestrial technology and unlimited capital, has its own space program and as a shadow government, controls our planet.
The question is this one: Is this “breakaway civilization” real or fictitious?
The time of the Horary chart was 3, 24 A.M, Dec. 10, 2013.

The answer is clearly negative and we will see why this is so.
The Ascendant at 29 Degrees 38 min of Libra is a warning and stricture called Ascendant in the last three degrees of the rising sign. The late Ascendant suggests that the question is unnecessary and even that changes in Dolan’s mind make the whole thing obsolete.
However there are more negative elements. This late ascendant is also in the Via Combusta.
The Via Combusta or burning path is the portion of the zodiac between 15 degrees of Libra and 15 degrees of Scorpio.
This segment of the sky contains a good number of malefic stars, and the message here is that the answer of the question is negative. For Ptolomeus,  with significators in the via combusta, the chart becomes unreadable.
If however, we insist in looking closely at this chart we find that Moon at 27 degrees 24’ of Piscis, is Void of Course which means that Luna doesn’t aspect any planet before leaving the sign. This is another negative expression because a void Moon means that the situation will not progress any further and that nothing comes from this matter.
Consequently, the answer is NO. That breakaway civilization doesn’t exist at all.